Automatic Gate Controllers

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What We Make

In 2003, SolarTronics designed and built solar, 240 volt and low voltage gate controllers which have now become the most reliable and efficient products on the market.

Our electric gate controllers are now widely used at residential, rural, farming and commercial properties.

We offer a 2-year warranty on our gate controllers and a lifetime of after sales service.

Gate Controllers Design

SolarTronics is renowned for the wide variety of options and features that our gate controllers offer.

Whether you're looking for a solar, 240 volt or low voltage gate, we design and install a complete gate controller system that is functional and easy to use.

Our services are available for residential, rural, farming and commercial clients. Functional and easy to use gate controllers.

Gate Control Kits

All of our gate systems are accompanied with 2 batteries to ensure longer running time when the sun or 240 volt is unavailable. Every kit has a charging regulator that protects the batteries from overcharging from sun or 240volt. That greatly extends the life of the battery. Rest assured that our fully charged batteries provide up to 2-3 weeks operation without any charge.

"All kits have charging regulators"

Our Gate Controllers

  • 2 year warranty
  • After sales servicing
  • Single gates with positive locking shaft
  • Wide range of options and features
  • Drive unit of 24 volts: fast opening, quick gate release pin and trouble-free
  • Designed for Australian conditions as required for rural, residential and comercial installations.


Premium Quality Products

At SolarTronics, we set ourselves apart from our competitors with the wide range of options that our gate systems feature.

We deliver a system that has been designed to specifically meet the rural conditions of Australia.

Rest assured that our products will provide you with years of trouble-free service.

Swing Gate Opener Kits

SolarTronics specialises in solar, 240 volt and low voltage gate controllers. All of our gate kits come with 2 fully charged batteries to support the performance of your system when solar power or 240 volt is unavailable.

We also integrate several other options such as Photoelectric Sensors, GSM units, Vehicle Loops, Alarms to warn gate opening, Long range remote controls to control your gate, that meet your requirements.

Many options can be fitted to your gate controller kit.