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Price List

Single Gate Kit - Solar, 240 Volt, Low Voltage.

Includes the following:

  • Elite Heavy Duty 24 volt DC swing drive unit.
  • Heavy duty locking system (single gates only - double gates optional).
  • 2 x remote controls.
  • Automatic gate close with adjustable gate close delay.
  • Auto/Open switch to keep gate open or allow gate to automatically close.
  • Obstacle safety detection to stop gate if an obstacle is in path of gate.
  • Weatherproof, ant, spider and pest control box to house control circuit, batteries, regulators etc.
  • 20 watt solar panel and bracket.
  • 2 x 12 volt batteries and charging regulator.
  • All coach screws, wood screws, saddles, conduits etc. required to install to timber gate posts.

$1,670.00 (GST Included)

Double Gate Kits -  Solar, 240 Volt, Low Voltage.
Same as above plus additional gate drive unit and cable.

$2,155.00 (GST Included)


Optional Extras: (all prices include GST)

  • Additional remote control transmitter. $60.00
  • Hard wired visitor entry button with cable for gate post. $33.00
  • Wireless visitor entry button. $108.00
  • 1 x Wireless digital keypad with PIN for visitor entry. $206.00
  • 2 x Wireless digital keypads with PIN for visitor entry. $342.00
  • Powder coated metal cover for visitor buttons and digital keypad. $39.00
  • Matching powder coated steel post for keypad or wireless visitor entry button. $91.00
  • Photo Electric Sensor - To stop gate closing on vehicle. $246.00
  • Remote controlled "Gate Lock" (All visitor buttons and remotes are disabled) $60.00
  • Remote controlled "Stay Open" (Gate opens and stays open when button is pressed). $60.00
  • Gate Alarm - WIPS 433MHz <400mt. (1 Transmitter & 1 alarm) $348.00
  • Gate Alarm - Over 400mt. use GSM Single or Multi channel.
  • Additional WIPS 433MHz Alarm Receiver. $245.00
  • Gate control - WIPS 433Mhz <400mt. $384.00
  • Gate control - Over 400mt. use GSM Single or Multi channel.
  • Vehicle Loop - Single loop controller with loop and conduit etc. $485.00
  • Vehicle Loop - Double loop controller with loop and conduit etc. $718.00
  • GSM Single channel to open gate using landline or mobile phone, without history texting. $415.00
  • GSM Single channel to open gate using landline or mobile phone, with history texting and "Gate Opening" / "Gate Closing" texting. $452.00
  • GSM Multi Channel will Open, Stayopen, Lock/Unlock gate also confirm gate is open or closed, locked/unlocked using mobile phone. $685.00
  • Timer to Open and Close gate. $175.00
  • Flashing light to warn gate closing, gate locked etc. $115.00
  • LDR Sensor and and Harness, to turn lights on at night $65.00
  • LED light to light up gate at night (requires LDR sensor) $63.00

Gate openers can be professionally installed by Solartronics. (Depending on location)


All kits customised to your requirements.

Full range of spares available with phone support and onsite support subject to location.

2 Year return to factory Warranty.

Prices are subject to change without notice.