Solar Powered Gate Options

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Visitor Buttons

Visitor buttons allow visitors etc. who do not have a remote control to open the gate. They are usually mounted on a post, rail, wall etc. on either side of the gate and well clear of the gate so that they can be operated from the window of a vehicle. The most popular visitor buttons and keypads are wireless and do not require any cable to be run to the control box.

There are three types of visitor buttons:

  • Hard Wired Push Button
  • Wireless Push Button
  • Wireless Keypad with PIN number

Hard Wired Visitor Button

SolarTronics Visitor Button for Solar Powered Gates

This button requires a cable to be run from the button to the control box.

Wireless Visitor Button

This button consists of a weather proof button mounted on a small box with wireless transmitter that does not require any cabling to the control box. It can be mounted on any surface or post etc. that is within radio range (<80mtrs) of the control box.

Powder Coated Cover

This cover can be mounted on any surface including the metal visitor post. It is designed to provide mechanical and weather protection for all visitor buttons.

All covers come powder coated in a deep brunswick green.

Metal Visitor Post

A 1600mm powder coated metal post, pre-drilled wih pole cap, that can be concreted into the ground and used to mount all visitor buttons. Longer poles are also available that have two push buttons, one for large vehicles that require a higher push button/keypad such as buses and trucks, and one mounted at normal height for cars and 4WD's etc.

All posts come powdercoated in a deep brunswick green.

Keypad with PIN Number

The Wireless Keypad requires no cabling and can be mounted in a position the same as the Wireless Visitor Button. It allows programming of up to 20 different PIN numbers for selected people to use and open the gate.

Photo Electric Sensor

A high quality industrial Photo Electric Sensor with a weatherproof IP rating of IP67 can be placed across the gateway to stop the gate closing if a vehicle is in the gateway. (Very usefull for large trucks, farm machinery, horse floats etc.) If an alarm is fitted to the gate to indicate the gate is opening, it will also sound the alarm if the gate is left open and a vehicle passes through.

Vehicle Loops

Vehicle Loop for sensing presence of vehicle

Vehicle Loops (single or double) can be placed in the driveway to automatically open the gate when a vehicle drives over the loop. A single vehicle loop can be placed on one side only or a double loop can be installed on both sides. If an alarm is fitted to the gate to indicate the gate is opening, it will also sound the alarm if the gate is left open and a vehicle passes through.

Gate Opening Time Clock

If a Time Clock is fitted, the clock will open and close the gate at times programmed into time clock. Alternatively it can be used to lock/unlock use of the visitor buttons at set times.

Medium and Long Range Remotes

Medium range remotes can be used to operate the gate up to 1KM depending on location or interference.

Gate LED Light

A gate LED light can be installed to light up the gate/driveway etc. at night when the gate opens or alternatively, come on at dusk and stay on for a predertermined amount of time.

GSM Units

GSM units can be installed to open the gate from a mobile phone or land line. A visitor at the gate who has had there mobile number enabled by the owner can call the gate GSM on their mobile phone, to open the gate.

There are two options for opening the gate:

Option 1.  Single channel GSM. Only those people who have been enabled by the owner calling the GSM can open the gate. Up to 199 guest phone numbers can be programmed to the GSM so that the gate will open when a guest phones the gate.

Option 2. Single channel GSM same as above except up to 999 guest phone numbers can be programmed to the GSM, it can also text when gate is "Opened" or gate is "Closed" This unit can also keep a log of time and date people enter your property.


Flashing Light

The Flashing Light start to flash 5 seconds before the gate is about to close if in AUTO close mode. It will remain flashing until gate closes. The Flashing light will also indicate that the gate has been locked, or gate is locked and an attempt has been made to open the gate.

Gate Open Alarm

The Gate Alarm will sound an alarm in the house/shed etc. to indicate that the gate is opening. If an alarm is fitted to the gate to indicate the gate is opening, it will also sound the alarm if the gate is left open and a vehicle passes through when a PE Sensor or Vehicle Loop is installed. The alarm also provides feedback when a normal remote, mid range remote or GSM is used to open/close, lock/unlock the gate. The Alarm is radio controlled and has a range of approx 1KM, depending on environment and interference.

Remote Controlled Gate Lock

The Remote Controlled Gate Lock will lock or unlock the visitor buttons from the normal or mid range remotes.

Remote Controlled Stay Open

The Remote Controlled Stay Open will open the gate and leave the gate open even though the AUTO/OPEN switch at bottom of box is in AUTO position.

Smart Bluetooth Battery Monitor and Charging Regulator Display

Check battery voltage via bluetooth each time you enter gateway using App on smartphone. Also comes with charging regulator that displays input voltage, current and battery voltage, from solar panel or 240v source.