Remote Options

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Additional Remote Controls

Two remote controls are included in every kit, however additional remotes can be added for additional family, friends, work colleagues etc.

GSM Units

GSM units can be installed to open the gate from a mobile phone or land line. A visitor at the gate can call the gate GSM on there mobile phone, then the gate is opened. There are two options for opening the gate: 1. Anyone calling the GSM can open the gate, 2. Only those people who have been enabled by the owner calling the GSM can open the gate. Up to 999 guest phone numbers can be programmed to the GSM so that the gate will open when a guest phones the gate.

Medium Distance Remotes

Medium distance remote controls (up to 1 km depending on location and radio interference) can be installed to control the gate opening/closing, gate lock, gate stay open, etc. For greater distance remote use either GSM units.

Vehicle Loop

A vehicle loop can be used either side of the gate to open the gate when a vehicle drives over the loop.

Timer - Open/Close

A timer can be installed to Open/Close the gate at specific times.

Gate Lock

For added security a button on the remote can be programmed to disable all remotes and visitor buttons from opening the gate. This may be useful if you do not want people entering your property when you leave for the day/week or go to bed at night.

Stay Open

A button on your remote control can be programmed to open the gate and gate stays open (auto close disabled). Gate can then be closed with the Open/Close button.